CYBLY unites the services of LawThek legal database and Legalnetics.

CYBLY GmbH is a LegalTech company and offers process-oriented, integrated IT solutions in all areas with a juristic or legal-informative background.


Our Vision

We want to grow and continue to set standards with the development of process-oriented, integrated IT solutions for areas with a legal or regulatory background.



customer satisfaction

We want to at least meet - and in the best case exceed - the needs of our customers and meet future market requirements.



To achieve this, we invest in our employees, provide the right tools and technologies and the best conditions, with modern equipment and infrastructure.

Fri 7 June 2024, 2-6 pm
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences & online
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Liability for AI
Thu 25 April 2024, 5-7 pm
Juridicum, University of Vienna & online
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IRI§25 - International Legal Informatics Symposium
19-22 February 2025
University of Vienna & online
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Business law information from the areas: Administrative law, corporate law, tax law, criminal law, data protection, European law, ...

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News on cyber risks and the responsibility of institutions

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Usancen E-Journal

The USANCEN E-Journal summarizes qualitative, practice-oriented professional information on current legal topics for you and is published once a quarter.

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The legal information system provides access to European, Austrian and German legislation and case law.

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The Cybersecurity Blog includes articles on cyber risks and the responsibility of institutions.

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