Legalnetics software solutions support companies and public institutions in the areas of contract and compliance management as well as data and information management.

Using customized data extraction, document analysis and automation, as well as IT forensics, risks, time and costs are reduced in addition to the administrative workload.

Information and data management

By means of eDiscovery and document review for the preparation, analysis and evaluation of large, unstructured data volumes, we make relevant data available in a case-specific format within a short time.

Compliance Audit

We use eDiscovery to help locate, search and prepare relevant data or documents (to be used as evidence in civil or criminal proceedings). This saves time and money and minimizes risks.

Compliance Management

With our application, you keep track of valid legislation, case law and other relevant sources that can be determined by the user. Filtering by authoritative regulations (for example, for the area of environmental audits) is also possible.


The added value of Legalnetics software solutions and services lies on the one hand in the reduction of your business risks and acceleration of processes and on the other hand in the improvement of your quality.

We digitize your contracts or optimize the existing contract management process. You benefit from standardization and thus have full control of your agreements. The extraction and evaluation of e.g. index clauses can be used for contract adjustments and their fulfillment.

Contract Automation

Legalnetics’ software solutions allow, for example, the extraction of essential information from a large corpus of (similar) contracts (e.g. rental agreements). Information gained or knowledge generated from this can be used for better monitoring of contract performance

Knowledge representation

We combine our technology expertise with consulting experience to realize value-creating solutions for our customers.

Consulting Service

Benefit from our offer

+ IT forensic evaluation
+ Document review
+ Contract management
+ Legal text analysis
+ Natural Language Processing for the legal industry
+ Data protection compliant survey
+ Use of Knowledge Graphs
+ …

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